If you’re feeling crafty during this quarantine, here are a couple of DIY Toys to keep you occupied and make your furry friend happy! Check out our DIY projects below! If you’d like to donate any of your creations, we are in need of fleece blankets, braid kickers, fleece scrap ball toys, and any other creations you made from fabric or yarn! Use the contact us link on our website to arrange the drop off of your donation!        

Fleece Blankets          

Supplies Needed:             

  • 2 sheet of fleece fabric             

  • 1 pair of scissors             

Step 1: Cut the fleece into a rectangle shape. We use a 30”l  x 23”w template 

Step 2: Line up your two pieces of fleece on top of each other 

Step 3: Cut a 3 inch square in each of the 4 corners  

Step 4: Cut 2 inch strips 1 inch apart around the entire blanket to make fringe  

Step 5: Knot Fringed pieces around the entire blanket using one strand from the top layer and one strand from the bottom to tie the blanket together 


Fleece Scrap Ball Toy   


Supplies Needed:             

  • Scrap of fleece at least 2” wide and 12” long             

  • Piece of string 18” long             

Step 1: Cut your fleece scrap so it’s 2 inches wide, it can be as long as you’d like but at least 12 inches long 

Step 2: Fold the scrap in half lengthwise 

Step 3: Make little cut all the way down the length of the folded fleece but be sure to not cut all the way to the fold 


Step 4: Cut a piece of string around 18inches or so 


Step 5: Unfold the fleece and tightly roll it 


Step 6: Tie the string around the middle of the roll. A double knot is a good idea. Cut the string so it is not a hazard (3 in. max)             

Step 7: Smoosh into a ball shape    


Toilet Paper Roll Flower Toy  


Supplies Needed:             

  • 1 toilet paper roll             

  • 1 pair of scissors             

Step 1: Make ½” cuts all the away around both edges of the toilet paper roll    


Step 2: Fold each tab back towards the center to create an open flower shape



Toilet Paper Ball     


Supplies Needed:             

  • 1 toilet paper roll             

  • 1 pair of scissors             

Step 1: Mark every  ¼” on the side of the cardboard roll   


Step 2: Cut out a ring along each mark 

Step 3: Insert the first ring into the second   


Step 4: Insert the third ring into the fourth, and so on...  


Braid Kicker             

Supplies Needed:             

  • Scraps of fleece or old t-shirt at least 6 pieces             

  • 1 pair of scissors             

Note: If using scraps of fleece, skip to step 2, if using an old t-shirt proceed with Step 1.  

Step 1: Take scissors and just 10” strips of fabric from the old t-shirt 


Step 2: Lay the 6 strips of fabric on top of one another and knot them together at one end. Separate the fabric into 3 pairs of 2.  

Step 3: Braid the fabric 


Step 4: When you have braided what you want braided, tie a knot at the end to finish it!