Over the past few months, L.A has been getting more rain than we are used to, and with the stay at home policy, our pets are wondering what is going on. With the weather’s unpredictability, going out for a walk or letting our pets explore the backyard is not as viable. Here are some tips to help our furry friends live their best life inside!   

  • Grooming time: Take advantage of the fact that your dog or cat has to be inside in order to take care of their grooming chores. Give them a bath, brush their coat, cut their nails, or brush their teeth. These tasks are frequently forgotten and are vital for their health. See this as a time to do all the things that you would usually put off when they have the ability to play outside. With time on your hand, you can make sure that your pet is comfortable during the grooming process with lots of treats and praising words.    

  • Obedience training: It’s the perfect time to teach your dog the better manners you have been putting off due to lack of time. They are bored, you are bored, and there are no distractions thanks to the weather. Grab treats and patience and work on some commands. Your pet would appreciate the one-on-one attention they are getting and by the end of the day, they would be much calmer.             

  • Hide and Seek: The favorite childhood game is also a great way to spend time with your pet. The only command that your pet has to know is ‘stay’, making the game an easy one to play with most. If they don’t know the command, this is also a great way to practice, as they would love the game aspect of the training. Just tell your pet to ‘stay’ while you hide and then call their name!             

  • Food motivation: Make your pet work for their food! Get a fillable toy, such as a Kong, and fill it up with their daily kibble. If you are worried that they won’t eat enough just put some in the toy and save the rest for later. They’ll spend hours eaten the kibbles and you will get some peace!    



  • Relax together: If none of the above work and your pet is still a ball of energy, now is a great time to teach them how to relax. Relaxing is extremely good for your dog’s health, so watch a couple of doggie massage videos and try them out. You can also just snuggle up on the couch and watch some Netflix together. Whatever it is - all your pet wants is your attention, so have them join you for your favorite relaxation activity.